We are all SUNDREAM people, We run for dream –Qingyuan Journey
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In order to enhance staff team consciousness, let employees relax after work, enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, the company organized a journey dated at 5th  -6th July. 

Our employees set off at 8 o'clock on time, everybody enjoy this trip! On the first day, we going to visit the lake and drifting.  Drifting is a suitable for the exploration of leisure activities. After everyone put on their life jackets, they spent a happy and exciting afternoon in the scream.

On the second day, we go to hiking in Tianzi mountain. We  smell the fresh air. Some colleagues also played a very exciting high-altitude swing. And in the afternoon, we enjoy fresh fish on the boat anchored in the Bei River.

We have spent two beautiful days and believe that through this team building, colleagues will become more united and the company's performance will become better and better.