ISO quality management system training
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On June 15, 2019, our company held a period for a ISO quality management system training, the purpose is to increase our staff to be strict to quality requirements, and how to control the quality of the premise, improve the work efficiency.
Quality management system was originally from western management culture, after the introduction of this system in our country, after the trial the management mode of the Chinese local fusion, has formed its own features of the system, has become ISO 9000 quality management system standard, and in fact is the internationally recognized quality management system to a standard, it mainly involves the eight principles of quality management and quality management system of the eight principles of quality management is summed up the successful experience of quality management science around the world, is the basis of iso9000 standard preparation.Its implementation is helpful to promote the improvement of enterprise management, improve customer satisfaction to their products or services, to help enterprises to achieve the goal of continued success. 

Plan, implement, check, continuous improvement, referred to as the pdca management process is widely used in all aspects of the management work in quality management including product management, human resource management, security management, cost management, market management, process management series project, no matter what the establishment of a management system and operation has a close relation with the pdca management process.The four stages in the chain management cycle, interdependence, interaction and associated together form an effective mechanism of management link give full play to their own efficacy.

The concept of quality should be a comprehensive understanding of quality management should not be confined to the production of products, should also feel secure services, equipment operation, material supply and measurement etc, also can't confined to a particular job should belong to the scope of the company as a whole should guarantee the quality of the products of the company is the responsibility of the company staff, should make the company staff has the concept of quality and related to quality responsibility.